Over the 30 years that I have been playing saxophone, I have tried virtually every brand of sax, flute, harmonica, keyboard, microphone- you name it.  In fact, I am writing a book about it.  Watch for The Sax Player's Guide to Gear coming soon to Amazon.  I do not endorse for anyone; I paid for all this stuff!  That said, if you want to talk to some honest and wonderful people to get some answers, talk to Tim Glesmann at Sax Alley, or Brian and Mark at CE Winds

Here is what I currently use:

Soprano saxophone:  CE Winds Artist Model Saxello.  This is the best soprano sax I have ever played, better even than the best Mark VI I found.  I wish I could recommend it to you, but CE Winds no longer sells this model.  I would highly recommend the current model from Eastman, or a nice Yamaha 62R.  I play Brancher #3 jazz reeds on a Ron Cielo RPC .065 mouthpiece.  I use Francois Louise Ultimate ligatures on all my horns.

Alto saxophone: Yanagisawa 880.  The "poor man's Mark VI".  Circa mid 1980s.  Excellent sound and intonation.  The best deal out there on alto.  Find a used one online, and don't look back.  I play Hahn or Rico Plasticover reeds on a Mouthpiece Cafe Expresso .095 mouthpiece.  I use Francois Louise Ultimate ligatures on all my horns.

Tenor Saxophone: Mauriat 66R UL.  An outstanding tenor with a sound like an old SBA, but with better intonation and ergonomics.  If you have big hands and / or lots of air, this is the tenor for you.  If you have smaller hands, the Selmer Series III is very nice, as is the current Eastman model.  Mauriat is a fantastic modern horn, well worth a look.  I use an Eastman black nickel neck for the funk and Gospel stuff, and the standard Mauriat neck for jazz.  I play Brancher #3 Baritone jazz reeds, or Rico Plasticover #3 1/2 Baritone reeds.  Yes, I play baritone reeds on tenor sax.  I tried it once because I ran out of tenor reeds, and Voila- I loved it.  Huge sound with the huge reed.  I am probably violating some sacred sax code in doing so, but I don't care!  I use a custom Guardala Studio mouthpiece, and also a Mouthpiece Cafe House Blend HR mouthpiece.  I use Francois Louise Ultimate ligatures on all my horns.

Baritone Saxophone: Mauriat 300PMB UL.  The bari version of the unlacquered tenor.  Huge tone, 10 feet wide!  I play Rico Plastcover #3 reeds on a Selmer USA metal .120 mouthpiece that was customized by Brian Powell of Mouthpiece Cafe.  I highly recommend Brian Powell for any mouthpiece work, and the mouthpieces they sell at Mouthpiece Cafe are incredible.  I use Francois Louise Ultimate ligatures on all my horns.

Sax mics: SD Systems LCM 85 bell mic plus a Neumann TLM 103 for the body.  I occasionally use a Shure wireless system.

Harmonicas: A mixture of Seydel stainless steel and Hohner Marine Band "Dude Harp" models, along with a Seydel chromatic harp.  I use a Harmonica Honker mic live, and my new custom Greg Heumann mic in the studio.  For an amp, I use a Lone Wolf Harp Train tube amp, or the Amplitube Fender app on my iPad.  For chromatic harp or straight harp, any mic will do- they sound perfect as-is.

Concert Flute: Muramatsu solid silver C-foot, closed hole flute.  I don't know the model number.  Sounds great,  low maintenance.  If you are a sax player doubling on flute, ignore the purists and get a closed-hole flute.  It sounds just as good as an open hole model, and saves you the headache of remembering to cover those dang tone holes.

Alto Flute: Gemeinhardt solid silver.  I don't know the model number of this one either.

Keyboard: Yamaha MOXF-8.  88 keys. 22 pounds.  A far cry from my old 90 lb. Motif!